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Item number shot in record six hours

Excerpt from Hindustan Times by Collin Rodrigues, Mumbai, June 30, 2011

For the first time in Bollywood, an item number was shot in six hours. Choreographed by Shabina Khan, the track Chandigarh ki star… belongs to Amitabh Bachchan’s forthcoming film Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap. Composed by musical duo Vishal-Shekhar, the item number stars Raveena Tandon, who will be seen making a comeback to the big screen after a long hiatus. Initially, the item number wasn’t supposed to be part of the film, but was added at the last moment.

“The film’s director Puri Jagannadh had given me just one day to complete it,” says Shabina. “But I choreographed it in a record six hours, which was next to impossible.”
Item numbers, which off late have become a successful means of upping a film’s salability, are usually shot in three to four days, if not longer. On an average, there are three to four costume modifications as well as an equal number of make-up changes. “There are 25 backup dancers,” she says. “I’ve used two sets of costume and make-up changes. Then the lighting had to be taken care of. After completing the shoot, it took the production team another six hours to edit it.”

Incidentally, Raveena also happens to be a close friend of Shabina, who has previously worked as an assistant with choreographer Ganesh Acharya. “Raveena had no clue. When she found out that I was choreographing the song, she jumped with excitement. In fact, it was Raveena who pushed me to become a choreographer,” says Shabina, who first worked with Raveena in the actor’s 2005 dud Pehchan. “After doing Chandigarh ki star…I can proudly say that you don’t need to show skin to make an item number. Raveena is wearing a pair of jeans and a tee. Nothing skimpy.”

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