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‘I love wedges’

 Raveena Tandon shares her views on style and trends.

What is your style quotient?
I like wearing outfits that suit my body and personality. Styles come and go. Not every style suits people. For me, simple dressing goes a long way. I do not succumb to trends.

Which are the colours you prefer?
I prefer wearing dark, deep colours like emerald green, royal blue and maroon. I’m not a pastel person.

Your must-have accessories?
Shoes! I love wedges. Even though the fashion police has been going at me over my footwear choices, they don’t know that I have a foot problem, which is why I prefer wearing comfortable shoes.

Your idea of party wear?
If I am clear in my head about what I want to wear, I don’t take too long to get dressed. While going for awards ceremonies, I prefer wearing Indian clothes. Otherwise, a comfortable dress is my outfit of choice.

Your little experiments in style?
I ended up perming my hair twice and regret it!

Your best fashion buy?
My Christian Louboutin wedges.

Most extravagant fashion purchase?
I don’t remember which one in particular, but I splurge on handbags.

Best fashion trend?
Hoop earings! When I started my career, I used to wear them all the time. I still see women wearing them today.

Worst fashion trend?
The colourful plastic earrings in different shapes. Too tacky!

What designer item/s are on your fashion wishlist?
I don’t have a wishlist. If I like something, I buy it. If you had just two minutes to put together the perfect outfit, what would it be? A dress is the easiest and goes with every occasion.

(As told to Tanya Datta  for TOI on Oct 8, 2011)

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